You Knock My Door Episode 44 Trailer


You Knock My Door Episode 44 Trailer is on the air.

Let it be as we think, please! 😍

What happened last night?! 😍

This must be what they call a happy family painting! 😇

You knock on my door on the 43rd. Chapter 2. trailer has been released.

What will Serkan say to Eda? 😳
Kiraz “I’m starting to like you, Serkan Bolat.” 😍

You Knock My Door 43rd Episode Trailer has been released.

“I’m not ready to be a father!” 🥺
Miss Aydan is taking care of her grandson! 😎

Knock On My Door, 42. Part 2. Trailer released.

Eda said you were Kiraz’s mother! 😍

“I’m the mother of that sweet boy!” 🥺 “You’re my hero🌟

Aydan: so, you also think the same as I do
Engin: it isn’t possible to think a different way. We need to find a different way and get the proof.
Piril: which solutions are they?
Serkan: how are you Melo’s child, I still can’t understand because you don’t seem like melo
Aydan: we need reliable proof
Engin: i need a strand of Kiraz‘ hair
Serkan: can you tell your child she should wear sandals?
Melo: do you think this child… Did you thought about my child’s feet?
Eda: imagine that she gets a dad that doesn’t want her. It’s better that she doesn’t have one then.
Kiraz: you taught me how to be brave. You are my super hero
E: Serkan the Mom of this cute child… is me.

You knock on my door 42nd episode trailer released.

“If I feel you’re ready to be a little bit of a father…” 🐣
“Best boy friend’s kid.”
What will Eda ask Serkan? 😍


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